Stacey Smith

Where I Grew Up:

Richardson, TX


Weatherford College, Cameron University, Texas Tech University


Caryn - we've been married for 17 years


We are an all boy household, and in the frat house we have: The Bigs, Stacey III (12), Wyatt (10), and The Littles, Coyt and Crew (7)

Why Harris Creek?:

We had grown accustomed to the Life Group model and found our deepest most meaningful community through those relationships, so one of ther easons we were drawn to Harris Creek was their similar model for Life Group as a fundamental component for building community. 

Favorite Music:

My taste is all over the map. Anything form Chris Stapleton to Linkin Park to Lecrae and everything in between.

Favorite Movies:

Action and Adventure, I have a hard time scrolling past a Bond movie

Favorite Book:

Wild at Heart by John Eldredge

Most interesting Thing You May Not Know About Me: 

Within the first six months of marriage, I was arrested twice (long story, minor traffic violations). Caryn may have been questioning her choice of a mate at that time. Side note: I enjoyed two meals in my short stints behind bars. 

Spiritual Heroes:

The trials and endurance of Job

Stacey Smith