P. Michael Smith


Where I Grew Up:

Everywhere - I'm an Army brat. I think I moved 13 or 14 times before settling in Waco.


BBA and MBA from Baylor University - Sic 'em Bears!!!


Eileen Smith


Chase (22) and Cameron (19), and Stowie an 8yr. old female Bulldog

Why Harris Creek?:

Eileen and I were invited to Harris Creek by Jim and Carol Underwood after our youngest son, Cameron, had become involved with the youth program (lead by a then much younger Brady Herbert). We fell in love with the spirit of Harris Creek and how the mission statement is not just words on a piece of paper but a way of living. Harris Creek truly does seek the welfare of the city.

Favorite Music:

Texas Red Dirt and 80s rock ("today's music ain't got the same soul")

Favorite Movies:

Hoosiers (greatest sports movie of all time) and anything with Denzel Washington.

Most Interesting Thing You May Not Know About Me:

I know more "useless" facts than anyone should. If it can't make you better, improve your quality of life or make you money - I know it! (Think Cliff Clavin from Cheers).

P. Michael Smith