Christina Ferrero

Kids Minister / @CK_girly

Where I Grew Up:

South Louisiana


BA in Biblical Studies, Central Bible College


Jeremy Ferrero


Jackson, Austin, and Jude

Why Harris Creek?:

After Jeremy and I married, we visited many churches in Waco looking for the right place for our family. We both felt overwhelmingly that Harris Creek was right for us. We enjoy the community we have found in Life Groups, and the mission to look outside of ourselves to reach those in our world. I'm very excited to be a part of this team and serve the wonderful people of Harris Creek!

Favorite Music:

Dave Barnes, The Fray, Kari Jobe, Jack Johnson, Lifehouse…this could go on and on

Something I've Always Wanted To Do:

Skydive, visit Italy in the fall, learn to sew

Most Interesting Thing You May Not Know About Me:

I practice Yoga…emphasis on practice

Christina Ferrero