Matt Steen

Director of Connections / @matt_steen


Where I Grew Up:

Baltimore, Maryland


B.S. Youth Ministry, Nyack College
Currently working on an MDiv at Truett Seminary and an MBA at Baylor Business School.


Theresa Steen

Why Harris Creek?

When Theresa and I moved to Waco in 2013 we were captured by the idea seeking the welfare of the city, and wanted to be a part of bringing the Kingdom to Waco.

Favorite Music:

Rend Collective Experiment, Charlie Hall, Van Morrison, and early 90s grunge.

Favorite Movies:

Slapshot, Miracle, and Mr. Holland's Opus (don't judge).

Favorite Books:

A New Kind of Christian by Brian McLaren, anything by Jim Collins or Patrick Lencioni, and The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara.

Most Interesting Things You May Not Know About Me:

I love riding on trains, one of my favorite vacations was riding a train across the country.

Matt Steen