Paige Holden

High School Youth Associate

Where I Grew Up:

Shepherd, TX


B.A. in Christianity from Houston Baptist University, 2017

In progress: M.Div from Truett Seminary

Why Harris Creek?:

When I first moved to Waco, I visited several churches. I decided on Harris Creek because they were welcoming and immediately reached out to me after my visit. The staff was so patient as they answered all of my questions and set up meetings with me. Also, I love how family-oriented Harris Creek is. I love seeing families attend church and worship together. 

Favorite Music:

Taylor Swift, Chris Renzema, Penny and Sparrow, Johnnyswim, Josh Garrels, John Mark McMillan, The Brilliance

Favorite Books:

The Narrative Life of Frederick Douglas, Redeeming Love, The Journal of John Wesley, Monk Habits for Everyday People, Turtles All the Way Down, Pilgrim's Progress

Most Interesting Things You May Not Know About Me:

When I was in high school, I received my floral certification, which means that I can make you all of the floral arrangements. Also, I know all of the words to the play Hamilton, I love candles, and I spend my Friday nights with friends at Franklin Bingo Hall. 

Paige Holden