The Kids Ministry of Harris Creek exists to help children discover what it means to follow Jesus.

Understanding that most people decide by the age of 13 whether they will follow Christ, it is our desire for our ministry to affect kid's lives from the very beginning of their faith journey so that each child becomes a disciple of Christ. What does this look like for such a wide age span? For babies (birth to one year), it means providing a safe and loving environment where infants learn to trust adults to meet their needs. For toddlers and young preschoolers (one to three years), it means providing opportunities to talk about God in relation to the world they are learning all about. For older preschoolers (three to five years), it means introducing key Bible passages and concepts to form and develop their understanding of who God is. For elementary-age kids (kindergarten to 5th grade), it means diving deeper into Scripture and applying it to their own lives in order to develop an intimate relationship with God, a deep love for others, and a heart of service for the city they live in and for the world around them.