Our Approach

The foundation of our missions approach is to care for the most vulnerable people in our city and around the world. Our heart is to see God's people in Waco engaged in God's work of restoration. We want to live out what God commands...He says "continue to remember the poor" (Galations 2:10) and "care for the orphans and widows" (James 1:27). Scriptures refer to God's people as loving, compassionate, servant-hearted, protecting and providing for all of our neighbors who find themselves in need. In the same breath, we strive for our global mission partners to mirror our efforts locally and align with our core Ministry Principles (DEEP/WIDE, CREATE/REPRODUCE).

We have a holistic model that focuses on three main issues: Women, Children and Families; Foster Care and Adoption; Poverty and Homelessness as opposed to isolated ministries or organizations.