Elements: An app for discipleship
and spiritual formation.


Check out all the features Elements has to offer you in your spiritual formation journey:

In-Depth Content

Each Unit contains 8+ sections of content that includes video, scripture, and "Discover," "Understand," and "Practice" sections packed with content.

Story Videos

Each section contains a testimonial video of a personal journey relating to the section’s topic.


Keep track of section and sermon notes throughout the process using our in-app journal.


Stay inside the Elements app and use our in-app bible with over 35 different translations available.


Check out the “Going Deeper” resources available for each section. Books for further study are available for purchase through Amazon.


Keep track of your progress and upload a customizable profile photo in the profile section.

About Elements

Elements is a resource designed to promote spiritual transformation.

Elements is a structure, process, and curriculum designed to help people arrange their lives for spiritual growth and transformation. There seems to be a lot of mystery and unnecessary confusion around spiritual growth for many people today. Oftentimes, people feel stuck when it comes to how to experience the type of growth we know we need. The process feels complicated and even a little obscure. People end up stalling out or plateauing as adults rather than experiencing the deeper relationship with God that is available to us.

Elements is designed to be a tool used in context of a small group setting to grow us as individuals into more fully formed disciples of Christ.

How To

The process behind Elements is to create the proper conditions for spiritual growth and transformation to happen. To say it another way, the goal is to practice the habits that will allow the character of Christ to be formed in us. While spiritual transformation doesn’t have to be complicated or confusing, it does require us to change our habits and the ways we have arranged our lives. Watch the video to get step-by-step instruction of how you can integrate Elements as a tool in your daily life.

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