Parable of the Shrewd Manager // The Parables of Jesus

Many biblical scholars have suggested that the parable found in Luke 16:1-15 is one of the more confusing and difficult parables to interpret for us today. We are obviously not the original hearers of this parable; we are quite removed from the context Jesus spoke this parable to. On top of that, this parable is long, choppy, and has some demanding questions for what it means to be people of the Kingdom of God. But, no matter how you interpret the characters in "The Parable of the Shrewd Manager," one thing that is clear is we are called to steward our wealth with a Kingdom mindset. A Kingdom mindset means the believer possesses a certain urgency to do the right things for the right reasons. In saying that, this urgency isn't predicated on anxiety; rather, our urgency is built on hope. The timeliness of our actions is born out of the knowledge that we have a short time to make a difference. So, we are to leverage our wealth, of all forms, for Kingdom advancement because we know that, in the end, these assets are fleeting. Our money, relationships, and influence are all resources that can be leveraged powerfully and creatively for the Kingdom in the "here and now." As we consider our position in life and account for what God has entrusted us with, we know that our subsequent choices will ultimately be an acknowledgment of our salvation.