Parables of the Hidden Treasures // The Parables of Jesus

In his book Creativity, Inc., Ed Catmull (the founder and CEO of Pixar Studios) talks about the fact that, when creating art, every human being has to overcome inaccurate versions of images we carry around in our head if we want to create realistic art. In talking about this challenge, he says, "It is a fact of life, though a confounding one, that focusing on something can make it more difficult to see. The goal is to learn to suspend, if only temporarily, the habits and impulses that obscure your vision." What Catmull says about art is true for us spiritually, as well. We naturally carry around a bunch of inaccurate pictures in our head of what true life is all about, how to find fulfillment, and even the concepts we have of God. In fact, some of our preconceived images we possess are some of the primary barriers that keep us from accurately reproducing the Kingdom of God in our daily lives. Perhaps that is one reason why Jesus taught in parables: he wanted to help us learn to suspend any habits that obscure our vision of the Kingdom. To say it another way, he wanted to help us "learn to see." One of Jesus' greatest and most effective ways of doing this is found in parables like the "twin parables" in Matthew 13:44-46. He turns our worldview upside down so that we can see more clearly and hopefully more accurately reproduce the Kingdom in our daily lives.