Parable of the Ten Virgins // The Parables of Jesus

The parables of Jesus are stories Jesus used from everyday life to explain abstract spiritual truths and ideas. The truths Jesus proclaims in these parables are timeless truths; however, the stories are also rooted in a particular time, culture, and context. Often times, this means the reader must become a student of Jesus' culture in order to understand the timeless truths he is communicating. This is particularly the case in "The Parable of the Ten Virgins" in Matthew 25. There are even a few wedding customs Jesus casually mentions in this parable that we know very little about today. Despite the cultural gaps we may encounter in this story, the overall message is clear: what we do in this life matters eternally. In his book In Light of Eternity, Randy Alcorn says it this way: "This life is the headwaters out of which life in heaven flows. Eternity will hold for us what we've poured into it during our lives here. Your God-given resources of time and talents and money and possessions are the lever, positioned on the fulcrum of this life, that moves the mountains of eternity. When you see today in light of the long tomorrow, even the little choices become tremendously important." In this parable, Jesus reminds us of the importance of preparing for eternity by the way we live here and now.