Minutes of the Board of Elders - April 25, 2017

May 2, 2017

A strategic meeting of the elders of Harris Creek Baptist Church was called to order April 25th, 2017, at 6:30 p.m. Brad Lail, Chair, presided. A quorum was present. In attendance were Blair Browning, Brady Herbert, P. Michael Smith, Jim Underwood, Mark Welstead, Kevin Jackson, and Chris Holmes. Also in attendance was Rebecca Harris.

We discussed Part 2 of Leonard Sweet's book, So Beautiful.

We discussed proposed and future organizational charts. This conversation obviously entailed future plans with regard to logistics of our services that ranged from sites to delivery ability (i.e. pre-taping a sermon vs. streaming).

We closed in prayer and concluded at 8:30pm

Respectfully submitted,

Blair Browning