Minutes of the Board of Elders - December 13, 2017

December 12, 2017

Harris Creek Baptist Church
Minutes of the Board of Elders
December 13, 2017

A regular meeting of the elders of Harris Creek Baptist Church was called to order December 13, 2017, at 6:30 a.m. Brad Lail, Chair, presided. A quorum was present. In attendance were Blair Browning, Brady Herbert, P. Michael Smith, Jim Underwood, Mark Welstead, and Kevin Jackson. Also in attendance were Rebecca Harris, Joey White, Trent Horner, Drew Greenway, and Jon Green. Additionally, prospective elders, Bill Neilson and Stacey Smith attended in an observing, non-voting capacity.

1. Brad Lail opened the meeting in prayer.

2. Outgoing elder, Mark Welstead, gave his parting thoughts after serving faithfully for five years and completing his term in his role as an Elder. He spoke of the overall health of the current Elder Board. He believes we are in good shape not only interpersonally, but also in the ways in which decisions are made, opinions are shared, etc. He is very encouraged about the future of the church, the staff, and the Elder Board. We are grateful to Mark for lending his expertise and wisdom to this team the past five years.

3. The minutes from the November 8th meeting were reviewed and approved.

4. Joey White gave a brief overview of the November financials for the church and quickly moved into the results of “Big Give” Sunday that occurred the prior Sunday, 12/10. He and Brady were very pleased by the results with the hedge that we are hoping that more is to come these final three weeks of the year. Several families noted their commitment to give during this timeframe and we are trusting that the Lord will continue to impress on our members’ hearts the joy of partnering with Harris Creek through sacrificial giving. The Our Turn campaign has pressed many of our members to seek the Lord in a new way with their finances and we are confident that this time has in fact, been a rich moment of discipleship and growth.

We will notify the church of the results of the two-year generosity campaign in January (Our Turn has always been through the end of 2017, but we wanted to maximize Big Give Sunday before travel took students and families away for the holidays). Again, we are incredibly grateful for the strides we have made in reducing the amount owed, and we are praying that the amount continues to shrink even in these last few weeks of 2017. As noted, more detailed information will be provided in January, but overall, we want to convey a heartfelt “Thank you!”

Joey also noted that we have 3 main contracts: the construction, the baptistery, and the audio/visual/lighting (AVL). He also stated that late May is still the target date for completion of the new building with a Fall official opening.

5. Due to unfortunate recent events at a church in Texas, as well as other recent tragedies, Joey White discussed our current policies with regard to concealed/open carry inside the church. We talked about protocol currently in place, as well as what is on the horizon. We will have an upcoming training for our staff led by Woodway police and discussion will continue on this topic following the training.

6. Housing allowance forms were discussed and the proposed numbers from three of the ordained pastors were approved.

7. Finally, we had the honor of praying for Derek Davidson and his wife, Kellie, specifically for his Ordination. We are so thankful for these two and their love for the Lord and for Harris Creek. They radiate joy and point people to Jesus so it was great to end our morning by praying for their future.

Respectfully submitted,
Blair Browning