Items filtered by date: April 2015 - Harris Creek Baptist Church

A regular meeting of the elders of Harris Creek Baptist Church was called to order on February 11, 2015, at 6:30 a.m. P. Michael Smith, Chair, presided. A quorum was present. In attendance were P. Michael Smith, Graham Cook, Brady Herbert, Stefan LeRow, Brad Lail, Jim Underwood, and Timothy Ateek. In addition, Joey White, Executive Pastor, and Lance Witt, Church Consultant, were in attendance.

Lance Witt led a devotional and evaluation exercise about self care and replenishment, and opened the meeting in prayer.

The minutes of the January 14, 2015, elders meeting were approved as presented.

Joey White presented the January 2015 financials.

Brady Herbert led a discussion concerning upcoming changes and modification to staff roles.

Brady Herbert sought elder advice on upcoming external speaking engagements.

Brady Herbert delivered status on the bylaw revision team personnel.

Brady Herbert discussed dates and times for upcoming strategic/spiritual formation meetings (outside of the regular elder meetings).

The needs of the body were discussed and the meeting closed in prayer.

Respectfully submitted,

Graham Cook, Secretary