Items filtered by date: November 2017 - Harris Creek Baptist Church

A regular meeting of the elders of Harris Creek Baptist Church was called to order November 8, 2017, at 6:30 a.m. Brad Lail, Chair, presided. A quorum was present. In attendance were Blair Browning, Brady Herbert, P. Michael Smith, Jim Underwood, Chris Holmes, Mark Welstead, and Kevin Jackson. Also in attendance were Rebecca Harris, Joey White, Trent Horner, Drew Greenway, and Jon Green.

Brad Lail opened the meeting in prayer.

The minutes from the October 11th meeting were reviewed and approved.

Joey White had sent a report of the October financials for the church in advance since we had a full schedule for our time so he began by asking if there were questions about those numbers. Next, most of our time was spent thoroughly reviewing the proposed 2018 budget. We discussed some specific areas, but we also spent a lot of time discussing what areas would naturally need an increase due to the new facility that will be opening within this budget year. Further, what amount of those increases will be recurring going forward and what are one-time costs. Much work has been put into this process so the answers were much more than hopeful guesstimates – Joey has done a tremendous job running the point on this large, important project for Harris Creek.

We discussed our two prospective candidates for Elders (we had held interviews the prior week with each individual). We agreed to move forward with the two individuals, which means we will present the names to the church in the near future for a two-week period where church members are able to voice any concerns over Biblical reasons why one should not serve in this role. We are excited about the ways in which these two individuals' talents will add to the Elder Board.

We discussed the timing of the Budget proposal and subsequent vote as well as the Elder announcements. Due to our final push for Our Turn and "Big Give Sunday," we talked about optimal timeframes for each of these important items.

We closed by praying for the church and for several specific prayer requests.

Respectfully submitted,
Blair Browning