Brady Herbert




It has been said that a great way to test what we value is by how we spend our free time. If this is true, by most measurements we can say that worship is still one of the things Americans value in their lives because it remains to be one of the most popular ways people continue to use their free time. Christians in particular understand how essential worship is to developing our relationship with Christ. In short, there is never an instance in history where a Christian community exists without also finding evidence of Christian worship. But with all of the talk, focus, and attention that worship gets in our culture, many people rarely stop to think about the role worship is to play in our discipleship and how it functions in Scripture. We see in Acts 2:42-47 that worship for the earliest Christians was a response to God's activity in the world. In other words, worship is not something we initiate or manufacture on our own. We also see that worship leads us to living out the mission of God in our daily lives. Finally, we see in other New Testament passages, such as Romans 12, that worship functioned as a discipline to help develop love and affection for God.

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