Brady Herbert




In the 1980s and 90s, the Church in America went through a period of wrestling with different worship styles. The conversation got so heated at points that it began to be described as "worship wars." These hot debates were primarily over personal preferences and styles of music. While that conversation has reached a calmer state today, the debate now has seemed to shift toward the subject of "equipping." There has long been an assumption that spiritual formation must include a series of classes and programs to be effective. Over time, our strategies for forming believers into mature disciples have turned into a vehicle that is built to primarily pass on intellectual knowledge rather than form mature believers. Ephesians 4:12-13 says the purpose of "equipping" is to help the believer "become mature." Scripture says the goal of equipping is more about educating the spirit than it is about informing the mind; it's about creating mature believers who do the will of God, not simply talk about it. We see in Acts 2:42-47 that this is how equipping functioned from the very beginning. What was learned in the temple courts applied to everyday life in the home and, in the process, created mature disciples of Jesus.

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