Brady Herbert




The word "ethos" is probably not a word that the average person gives a lot of thought to on a daily basis, yet it is a word that absolutely influences every aspect of our daily lives. Ethos essentially refers to the "spirit or essence of who you are." It's the core, or heart, of our personality as individuals and of the groups to which we belong. While no one would argue the significance and importance of the physical heart in our bodies, it's also not something we consciously think about on a regular basis unless there's a problem. That's because our hearts are just beneath the surface. In the same way, a person's (or organization's) ethos describes the underlying attitudes that guide our choices and behavior. As an attempt to bring these underlying attitudes to the surface, Harris Creek has created Ministry Principles that describe how we go about making decisions as a church. The first principle we find in Jeremiah 29 is that we are called to be "local over global" (LOCAL/GLOBAL). This simply means that God's primary way of redeeming the whole world is by planting His people locally all over the globe. At Harris Creek, we believe we are first called to live out the Gospel locally as a way of reaching our neighbors globally.

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