Breaking Rules



Breaking Rules


Breaking Rules


Bryan Doyle




In the Ancient Near Eastern culture of Jesus' earthly ministry—and in our own culture today—social protocol gives a template for how to act in certain situations or conversations. When someone inadvertently, or willingly, does not follow cultural norms, then it can make for some awkward and embarrassing situations. In Luke 7, Jesus was in the middle of an embarrassing situation when Simon, a religious insider, did not follow social protocol in offering hospitality towards Jesus and other guests. Those present could hear the murmurings and feel the sense of shame on the scene, and it's in this setting where Jesus pushes the boundaries once more to teach about grace and about living on mission. We may believe in certain ways of "doing church" without knowing why, or worse, we could be doing them wrong all along. In studying Luke 7 and the church in other settings, we can see how Christ followers are prompted at times to break all the rules for the sake of reaching the unreached.

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