The Scholarship Form can be submitted via email to our review team. "The Scholarship Review Team meets quarterly to review requests. In order for the team to act in a timely manner the deadlines for requests are January 30, April 30, July 30, and October 30. Scholarships will be granted upon availability of Scholarship Funds, as well as the following:

1) Requester must be a member or regular attender of Harris Creek Baptist Church. This will be measured by either:

  • Involvement with a Life Group
  • Serving regularly at Harris Creek

2) The trip must have a Kingdom-driven purpose, where the main focus of the trip is to share the gospel in word or deed. Harris Creek will not be able to fund educational, prayer walking, or self-exploration trips.

3) Efforts must have a long-term presence. Although the requester may not be planning to have a permanent presence in the destination country and culture, we ask that they be partnering with an established presence that will be there long-term.

4) The requester must display efforts to raise financial support outside of the assistance of Harris Creek

  • The requester must explain team fundraisers, other personal fundraisers, 
and how they have worked to earn their own income to pay for this trip.
  • Harris Creek cannot provide funds for passport expenses, immunizations and 
medications, tips or gratuities, gifts, or travel that is not ministry related (sightseeing, shopping, etc.)


Download and fill out the mission trip financial scholarship request form, then submit it via email to our Review Team.