At Harris Creek, we believe it is our responsibility to equip our congregation to seek the welfare of the city wherever it is that God has called them. For some, that may mean Waco for just a few years until graduation, while for others it could mean Waco for decades. We have many in our congregation that feel called to some kind of vocational ministry, whether it's at a church in Waco, as a counselor in Houston, or on the mission field in Moscow. Because our staff feels a strong calling to help raise up and prepare the next generation of ministers and missionaries, we're introducing the Harris Creek Intern Program.



This is an internship program designed to develop and equip individuals in various concentrations for ministry. Each internship, no matter the ministry concentration, will have weekly meetings with a staff member, quantifiable goals and objectives for the duration of the internship, and hands-on experience in their desired concentration.

We will have bi-weekly intern gatherings for all current interns (no matter the ministry concentration), where we have a chance to get together and talk about personal, professional, and spiritual development. Subjects will include things such as ministry philosophy, church business structure, task management, "tough situation” management, Q&A with church staff, and more. Attendance for these gatherings is mandatory as it is a vital part of the program. 




  • Have an active, passionate relationship with Jesus
  • Be actively involved with Harris Creek (or your local church if you live elsewhere)
  • Be committed to a Life Group
  • Be present at weekly meetings, monthly Intern development meetings, etc.
  • Pursue the Harris Creek Leadership Practices
  • Be an effective representation of Harris Creek in everything you say and do
  • Exhibit a teachable spirit
  • Demonstrate a desire for growth and a willingness to learn
  • Have a strong interest in ministry



  • Gain hands-on ministry experience in a rapidly growing church
  • Attend monthly Intern Development meetings led by different Harris Creek staff members
  • Work alongside and learn from the Harris Creek staff
  • Sit in on weekly staff and planning meetings


**The individuals that are serving as interns volunteer their time to gain experience while working under and learn from their supervisor(s). Harris Creek would not otherwise hire a person to serve in the same role as an intern.


Application Process

Internships function by semesters (Fall, Spring, Summer) and can last a single semester or extend over the entire school year. During the application process, you will be asked which semester(s) you are interested in. Internship openings will vary by semester and department. We will accept applications year round, but the deadline to apply for the upcoming semester will be one month before the semester begins. To apply to be a Harris Creek intern, please fill out the application by following the button below.

begin application


You will be contacted shortly afterwards if we are interested in setting up an in-person interview. Between your application submission and the formal interview, we'll ask you to fill out the Ministry Application and will run a background check, which is required for all those serving with Harris Creek.