Going When You Want to Stay



Going When You Want to Stay


The Noonday Demon


Brady Herbert




Throughout Scripture we see God calling His people to be devoted to the places He has planted us. In fact, being committed to our "soil" is actually one of the primary ways we can live out the Gospel in our daily lives. However, if we are called to be "rooted and established" in biblical community, a valid question that tends to come up is, "Are we not also called to 'go' into the world?" The answer is obviously, "Yes, God will call us to go at times." But the way we tend to approach this subject—under the umbrella of "going to do missions"—is not necessarily how Scripture always calls us to approach the subject of mission(s). In Jeremiah 29, we see one of God's primary ways of sending His people out is not us going where we want to go or "where our heart is," but rather the form of sending His people out for the purpose of living "on mission" is by God sending them to a place they didn't want to be. When describing what God was up to in Jeremiah 29, Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove says, "Israel learned in exile that to be scattered is not necessarily to lose stability. For those with eyes to see, exile can become evangelism in the best sense of the word—good news for the whole world, even the God-forsaken places to which we've been exiled."

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