The tide of culture in our country is shifting, and so are conversations about faith and faithfulness. Our job is to help prepare our congregation for what is ahead by placing people in cross-cultural environments that require adaptation, and there's no better place to do that than in the United Kingdom. We are building strategic partnerships with churches, local coffee shops, football clubs, and other business enterprises as mission organizations in the UK that will allow our people to gain experience serving in these environments and learn how to apply what is gleaned not only to our own culture and context, but also to those around the world. As a Training Institute:UK participant, you will live in the Greater London area while serving a ministry partner in an incarnational expression. The result should be a better understanding of how to actively engage the constantly changing and disoriented culture around us with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through deep relationships. Our prayer is that you (and subsequently those of us around you) are ruined for the normal American dream as you experience this rite of passage. If you are interested in learning more, contact our Missions Team. Check out the videos below for more information and download our information packet for an in-depth view of the program.